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We’ve compiled a short list of questions about asset and corporate finance and how it works.  We hope you can find what you need to know but if you still have a question don’t hate to get in touch.  We love helping people with their business ideas.


How do I apply

Simple.  Just contact Tim and he will talk you through it and visit you if you feel there is an opportunity worth progressing.

Can I refinance equipment I already own?

Yes, this is called refinancing.  Basically a funder will assess what they believe the asset to be worth, taking into account its age and expected lifespan.  They will take the title to the equipment after paying you the agreed amount and you effectively ‘rent’ the equipment until the end of the agreement and final payments.

Will my payments increase if the interest rate rises?

Most finance agreements are called fixed rate agreements whereby the amounts to be paid remain constant during the life of the agreement.

Can I borrow up to 100% of the asset?

In many cases, yes.  This is particularly true of ‘harder’ assets such as transport and machinery.  This is all subject to approval of course.

How much can I borrow?

The answer to this is almost limitless.  Asset finance can be relevant from as little as £10k right up to many millions dependent on the strength of the proposal.

What information will I need to provide you with?

The most basic information required tends to start with your last years’ accounts and up to date management accounts.  Coupled with the supplier quote for the project in hand , this allows a funder to get a picture of who you are and the project in question.

Who do Black and White Asset Finance lend to?

Generally we arrange all kinds of finance to limited, LLP or PLC companies in the food and drink industry due to Tim’s background.  This extends to all kind of other projects and industries when he is recommended by his customers to their business friends and acquaintances.  Or when people find us on the web!

How is asset finance different to other forms of funding, like a bank loan or overdraft?

Asset finance concentrates on the asset itself and not taking a ‘charge’ over the rest of the company in a way that a commercial mortgage usually does.  The security of the funder is solely within the asset and sometimes backed up by a personal guarantee.  Business loans are available for developing your business but, as there are rarely solid assets available to secure the loan, personal guarantees normally apply.  Overdrafts are becoming virtually extinct these days and are being replaced in the main by invoice finance.

We judge your business on your and your team, not as a score churned out by a computer.

Need more details?

We’re here to help any time.  Just fill in the contact form, use the chat option or give us a call and we can give you an idea of what we can arrange for you.

There ARE funds available.

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Black and White Asset Finance is only able to work with limited companies, PLCs or LLPs.




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