We’ve made a change!

A little note from Tim, our MD:

When I moved to Devon I set up Black and White Asset Finance with the aim to support food and drink companies in getting the finance they needed to buy equipment to grow their business.

As I came from the food industry myself, my passion for all things business and food means I have a natural affinity to my customers and their specific needs.  I just want to build relationships with my customers based on our shared experience.  I love nothing better than walking around factories, warehouses or retail outlets watching excellent food being made or sold.

With that image in mind I set up Black and White Asset Finance with a different style.  Taking inspiration from our dog Sid, a Dalmatian no less, I wanted my customers to think of the business as transparent (black and white) with the greatest degree of integrity and, naturally, the ability to deliver results and fast! 

The combination of business acumen and the ‘personal touch’ worked and I have created a great many ‘partners’ we serve regularly, getting them the funds with no fuss allowing them to get on with running their business.  I arrange funding for equipment asset purchases, general business loans, invoice finance and working capital and even some property development, so there’s never a dull moment.

As my style shuns the ‘suit and tie brigade’, I wanted to reflect the more relaxed way we do business.  No hard sell, no over the top marketing, just using my knowledge and experience to become ‘one of us’ with our clients.  Some clients have even suggested I have a desk in their office as I am always there in person sorting out their funding requirements.  That’s a really nice gesture

With all that in mind I decided to refresh our branding to inject a bit more personality but still reflect the same values, again based on Sid the Dalmatian.  I don’t see the business as a conventional finance company you see.  I hope you like it!


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Any hints of that lovable cartoon character Scooby Doo are purely coincidental but Sid’s character of friendliness, trustworthiness and loyalty shine through and that’s what Black and White is all about.

The design was produced by a local creative designer, Tim Starkey, who knows Sid well and captured the spirit of him perfectly.

By the way banks are still very keen to lend to the food and drink sector despite the dreaded ‘B’ word!  If you have any upcoming projects you’d like to discuss, please give me a call on 01626 871315 or drop me an email at tim@blackandwhiteassefinance.co.uk.


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